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Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Bags

As I may have mentioned, I am a beauty product addict. I struggled for the longest time trying to find a cosmetics bag perfect enough to hold my precious products. Sure, the bags we get from our gift with purchase bonuses are nice, and in the last couple of years they have even been coming out in some truly exciting shapes and colors, but when I go on vacation, I need a big, beautiful bag to transport my “babies.” About a year ago I looked long and hard all over the internet looking for the perfect bag, and I do believe I found it.

Have you ever heard of Stephanie Johnson? Her bags are to die for. They are made from high quality materials, and have beautiful patterns, zippers that always work, and small details that matter. The bag I own they don’t sell any longer (not that I will ever part with mine) but the current version can be seen here, called a “Martha Ultimate Briefcase.” It truly is awesome, with four separate compartments to hold different sized items, and the sheer size is perfect for those of us who have (embarrassingly) 20 or so products that we must travel with on every trip. (I can’t be the only one!) Yes, its a little pricey, at $86, but it holds everything, and it is so very pretty. And we spend far, far more than that on the products we carry inside, so don’t those little guys deserve to travel in style, too? Check out her website for other styles and designs – I’ve only pictured my current favorite from the many selections (pictured: the Kyoto collection). They do also carry a limited selection of her bags at, and I know Saks sometimes gives away her bags for different promotions, but they aren’t nearly as wonderful as the ones you pay for. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did!

Today if the first day of the online Beauty Gift Card Event at Bergdorf Goodman. If you spend $100 on their site on beauty and/or fragrance products, you will receive a $25 gift card good towards your next online purchase. Enter code GLAM08 at checkout. You can see the details here. Expires September 13, midnight CST.

If you’re into the super high end skincare products, this might interest you. At NV Perricone’s website right now, if you spend $150, you will receive a very generous gift with purchase. The gift includes .5 oz of Amine Complex Face Lift, 1.25 oz of Serum Prep, and .5 oz of Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer, all in a pretty white Perricone Doctor Bag. (Retail value: $125) Enter code FREEAGE01 at checkout. Expires September 16.

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