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Biotherm Aquatrio

Have you heard of a little company called Biotherm? They don’t sell their products in US stores anymore, I’m not sure why. But you can still buy their products online on their website, I have two favorite products from Biotherm. One is Biosensitive Soothing Eye Care. At the beginning of the year I was experimenting with SPF eye creams. I faithfully use an SPF on my face every morning, so, I thought, why not also use an SPF eye cream? Well, the one I tried (without sampling first, which I never do) based solely on glowing reviews gave me a horrible red, peeling rash around my eyes. It was painful, and quite ugly. I knew I needed something soothing after that so I tried the Biosensitive Soothing Eye Care. I love this eye cream, I’m on my second bottle and I can’t imagine changing to something else. It helps with the fine lines, doesn’t hurt my contact lens wearing eyes, and best of all (for me), helps with my daily morning puffy eyes. It also absorbs quickly and makes a great base for my concealer and eyeshadow primer.

The other product I swear by from Biotherm is Biomains Hand and Nail Treatment. This is by far the best hand cream I have ever used, and I buy a new tube every winter. I’ve never found anything else (and I’ve tried plenty) that helps my hands so much when they get so very dry in the winter months. Sadly it is out of stock right now, but it will be back for the fall and winter, I’m sure, and I’ll let you know when they are sellling it again. (You can also sign up on their web site, and they’ll send you an email when its back in stock. I’ve already signed up!)

And I guess Biotherm has its own answer to that other company’s 3 step skincare system. They call it the Aquatrio, and its available for Normal/Combination skin, Dry skin, and Oily skin. Right now at Biotherm, with any purchase at their web site, you will receive a free deluxe travel set of the Aquatrio (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer). Just enter the code FACE123 at checkout (you can choose the set you prefer based on your skin type at checkout). You’ll also get to choose two free samples at checkout, and if you spend more than $50 you’ll also receive free shipping. This offer is good through September 25 or while supplies last.

Right now at Skinstore, with any $20 purchase you will receive a free Lancaster SunSlim Body Programme Mini Kit, while supplies last. The kit includes deluxe samples of Celluli-Breaker Tan Stimulator, Celluli-Burner Tan Booster SPF 15, and Celluli-Drainer Tan Prolonger.

This weekend at Laura Mercier, you will receive free ground shipping on any order! Ends Sunday, September 21 at midnight EST. No code needed.