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Clinique Collections at QVC

I’m always looking for ways to avoid paying retail for my favorite products. Even if its something I must have and use on a regular basis, I try to find a way to get something free with my purchase or find a coupon or anything – I hate paying retail! If you haven’t noticed from my posts the last couple of weeks, one of my favorite brands is Clinique. I use several of their products and love so many items that they sell. Well, I was just looking around on, and found out that they sell Clinique products! Not the full line – but they do have some nifty little collections that will save you money versus buying the pieces separately at your department store.

Take this collection, which has three products I always use: The Three Minute Eye Collection includes full sizes of Lash Power Long Wearing Mascara in Onyx Black, Quickliner for Eyes in Roast Coffee, and Touch Base for Eyes in Canvas. If you purchased all three at a Clinique counter, you would pay $42.50. But if you buy the collection at QVC, you pay only $27.50 (plus $3.97 shipping). What a great way to save money!

If you are new to Clinique, they also have a cool 6 piece “Clinique Discovery Kit” where you can try the 3 step (cleanser, toner, and moisturizer) as well as 3 other popular products (All About Eyes, City Block Sheer Daily Face Protector SPF 25, and Take the Day Off Makeup Remover). This is available in Skin Type I/II (Dry/Combination) or Skin Type III/IV (Oily/Combination). This set costs $39.98 (plus shipping of $5.72) and¬†would sell for $62.00 if you bought the products separately. What a great way to try these wonderful products for the first time!

They have several other cool little collections, makeup and skincare, just do a search for “Clinique” to see all the awesome stuff they have.

Today is the last day for the Beauty Event at Neiman Marcus. And if you’ve waited all this time, you’re in luck, because you can get free shipping on any order! Use code SHIPNM at checkout, free shipping ends tomorrow, but the Beauty Event ends today!

I know I usually only write about online bonuses, but right now there’s a great Lancome in store purchase with purchase. You’ll get the collection pictured below for $27.50 with any Lancome purchase at Macy’s Lancome counters.