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Bloomingdale’s Beauty Event

Bloomingdale’s is having an online only Beauty Event!

  • You can now save 15-30% on almost all beauty products (no code is needed for this discount, and the event ends December 18 and some exclusions apply)
  • Shipping is always free with any purchase if you are a Loyallist (it is free to sign up)
  • Plus there are now over 70 beauty offers available online including back-in-stock GWPs from Estee Lauder and Lancome, all while supplies last
  • And for you Space NK Boutique shoppers, during this event when you purchase almost any full price product, you will get half off another product (some exclusions apply)
  • If you are shopping non-beauty you can also take $25 off every $100 you spend on a large selection of items through December 24!

bloomingdale's beauty event

Also new today:

  • At bluemercury get 20% off any $150 purchase with code WRAP at checkout (expires December 20); plus you can also save 30% on bluemercury holiday candles!
  • Right now direct from Clinique you can get a double GWP with an affiliate exclusive bonus GWP! For a limited time you can get 25% off many items on the site (some exclusions apply); plus if you spend $45 you can choose a free gift (choose a full size product OR a multi-item GWP with a bag or box and minis); plus with affiliate exclusive code TREAT at checkout when you spend $65 you will also receive a free seven piece gift (bag and six minis); and if you spend $100 you will also receive a free Smart De-Aging Duo (expires December 17 or while supplies last); and for a limited time most lipsticks and lip glosses are just $15 each (ends December 19); and you can choose one free mini for every $15 you spend (limit six)
  • Direct from Lancome get 20% off any purchase (no code needed, ends December 21, some exclusions apply)
  • Right now from MAC Cosmetics you can get 25% off select kits and best sellers; plus with any $70 purchase you can choose a free full size product, while supplies last; and with affiliate exclusive code 40holiday you can also get 40% off lip, blush, and highlighters (through December 19)
  • Macy’s currently has over 1,200 beauty products on sale (find them under Deals of the Day), including many holiday value sets!
  • At Nordstrom they have “new” GWPs from Estee Lauder and Lancome, while supplies last; plus there are still over 60 beauty offers available online and over 240 beauty products on sale including a special today only where you can save up to 25% on select products from Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and more. You can also visit this page to see upcoming beauty deals over the next week!
  • At QVC the Today’s Special Value is a big Sunday Riley six piece full size set for just $185!
  • Today is the last day to get 15% off most beauty products at Saks (no code needed, ends December 16, exclusions apply); and they still have nice GWPs from Estee Lauder and Lancome, while supplies last
  • At Ulta Beauty you can get $10 off $40 with code CHEER22 or $20 off $100 with code JOY22 at checkout (and minimal exclusions apply!), through December 19; plus there are over 60 beauty offers available online right now, all while supplies last. Shipping is still free with any $35 purchase so this is a great place for budget shoppers today!

I am so sorry I have not been posting regularly lately. I have been having finger joint pain in one knuckle which makes typing surprisingly difficult! I finally saw an Orthopedist yesterday, and they gave me a steroid shot in my left hand and I am supposed to minimize my typing for a few days. I am hoping to get caught up on Sunday but if not then, definitely on Monday! Thank you for your patience!

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9 thoughts on “Bloomingdale’s Beauty Event

  1. I follow Ann Louise Gittleman on FB and she said potatoes & evening shade foods can make arthritis more inflamed. Did you have an x ray? I bothered my hand a lot around Thanksgiving by holding the phone in a not great way. Had been doing that for too long.

    1. I did have an x-ray and it showed absolutely nothing! Both my rheumatologist and the new orthopedist say it’s not arthritis but instead tendonitis? So we are “trying” the steroid shot to see if it helps. It can take weeks though to kick in and feel better so I just need to be mindful while I’m sitting at the computer. I’ll be honest, that shot in my hand hurt worse than many of the intrusive medical procedures I’ve had done in my lifetime! I hope to not have to go through that again!
      Hopefully your hand is much better now!!
      Thank you!!

      1. The shots are awful. But it did help my one foot with plantar fascists for some time. I wouldn’t get another one lol. Do you ice the tendon area? Yes, I have that happen also. Combination of arthritis and tendonitis. Do you use voice to text? These areas have all been overused, and then I get pain & problems. I have to read more about helping them. Both shoulders, different times. I hit my one finger accidentally against the wall last year, problem. Last month it was the right hand ugh . It’s always the sane, more or less. Can get very irritated, inflaned. Have arthritis in at least one hip. Looking into what can help.

        1. Holy crow, you’ve had pretty much every joint affected at one time or another! Please let me know what you find that works! I’ve done ice, heat, topical creams, anti-inflammatories, and now the shot (and it can be a couple of weeks before we will know if it in fact helped??). Getting older sure isn’t fun!!

          1. What’s happened is that if I do something repetitively, or am too long in a position, i have problrms. But then i forget, it kind of applies to evrrythingn. I had a problem with one shoulder because i was leaning on the bed, checking my phone lol. Too long. So I remember that, pay attention to how my shoulders feel…but then last month, jold this phone too long a certain wow – another problem. Definitely affected a tendon. But I think I also have a bone spur there. Kind of the area where the hand meets the wrist. Almost above where carpal tunnel would be. (Which I’ve had). Bone spurs are related to plantar fasciitis. So I have them. No one warns you about this when you’re younger lol. Yes, I’m working on being in as good health as I can be. It might all be connected to auto immune issues?

            1. Yes it totally might be! I have those, too! But just the aging thing really does a number on your body. I try to get my daughter to pay attention to just the things you’ve said, so she doesn’t set herself up for problems later, but she doesn’t listen, as one can imagine. Hopefully you can keep your problems at bay for a while yet and feel heatlhy!!

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