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Le Tote Review

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Le Tote is a monthly try-it subscription that offers clothing and accessory rental. Each month you pay a styling fee and they will send you clothing and accessory items matched to the profile that you complete when you sign up for the service. From their site: “Garments and accessories delivered to your door, unlimited times each month. Wear everything. Send it back. Receive your next set of options days later!” I love shopping for clothing online (and loathe trying things on at the store). And I love the idea of a personal stylist. I’ve tried out Stitch Fix a couple of times, and I came away with some very cute items that happily live in my closet. I am always on the lookout for new ways to avoid the dreaded dressing rooms in stores so when Le Tote offered to let me try out their service, I said yes please! Le Tote was awesome enough to hook me up with a free one month styling fee. I had a lot of fun on their web site looking at all of the clothing and accessory options, there is so much available! I set up an account, filled out my profile, and then spent (probably too much) time selecting items I Loved, so that the stylist would hopefully know what I liked when they were styling my Tote. Within a couple of days I received an email that my first Tote was ready, and hooray I was able to customize the tote before it shipped (with the other service I had tried, Stitch Fix, they send you mystery items and you only discover upon unboxing if you like the items or not). Unfortunately I was not thrilled with what the stylist had chosen for me (short sleeveless dress? no). But very fortunately, you have 48 hours upon receipt of the email to go in to your account and swap the suggested items out for items you would rather receive! I swapped two of the three clothing items and both accessories for things I would rather try, clicked send, and the next day they shipped my Tote. Totes are shipped priority mail, so I received it within a couple of days (but we were moving at that time so sadly it sat on a shelf for many days after that). But yesterday I had a lot of fun unboxing my Tote!

I have included two photos: my own, plus the Info Card that was sent with my tote (their pictures are so much better!). I ended up absolutely adoring the plaid shirt and the bracelet. The pullover sweater was very flattering and looked great on; but I’m sending it back because there is a peekaboo mesh strip all the way down the back and sadly that does not work for my overly modest self. The cardigan was very pretty and lightweight, but the sleeves were just a tad too snug for me. The bracelet is a genuine stone bracelet and exactly my style so I am keeping that, but the silver clutch was huge and while very stylish and well made, I already have too many adorable clutches that I rarely use so back that goes, too.

Wait, you ask? Isn’t this a rental service? Yes, it is. But if you fall in love with something, you have the option to purchase it! You just hold on to the items you want to buy, return the rest, and they will charge you for the items you keep (the prices are clearly listed on the info card). If you happen to love and want to keep everything, there’s an option for that, too. You can hold on to the entire Tote and they will charge your card the discounted Tote amount (also clearly listed on the info card). If you want to return everything and continue your service, just send everything back and upon receipt they set you up with a new Tote, and the process begins all over again! I did cancel my membership after my first Tote (you have to email them to cancel, but it’s not a hassle). If you (unlike me) work outside the home and attend events and actually go out on the weekends, I think this would be an awesome service. The ability to rent clothing and accessories allows you to mix up your look more frequently and at a significant savings versus purchasing all of the items brand new. I had a blast looking at all of the options online and choosing my Tote and trying things on in the comfort of my own home. But I work at home and most of the events I attend are quite casual, so I’m not exactly a clothes horse. Instead of continuing with the rental service, I think I am going to now try their newest option, Le Tote Select. “Le Tote Select is a new service that delivers brand new clothing to your door. Le Tote will charge a $20 styling fee that will be credited toward anything you want to purchase. You order your tote (based on your preferred styles), pay for the items you want to keep and return the rest.” Sounds good to me (if you guys want to see a review of that too, please let me know in the comments)! No review would be complete without some coupons so you can try the service for yourself! I have two codes so share with you guys. For a limited time you can try out the Le Tote Rental Service and get 60% off your first month with code AUGSAVEME60 at checkout. Or if you would rather try their new clothing styling service for purchase, you can try out Le Tote Select and get a $25 purchase credit from your first order with code 25LTS at checkout. Both codes are valid through August 31.