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Product Review: Jus by Julie Soup

I recently became affiliated with the company Jus by Julie and they asked if I would like to review some products for them. I saw that they had a newly launched line of soup and I said yes, please, I would love to try some soup! They sent me three flavors to try: Split Pea (pictured below), Hearty Potato Leek, and Red Lentil (three of their nine varieties; scroll down to see them all).

Split Pea Jus by Julie Soup

I tried all three soups for an afternoon snack for three days before I wrote this review. Going in I assumed that my favorite flavor would be Split Pea, because I normally love Split Pea soup, but I discovered that my favorite flavor hands down was the Potato Leek. This one was truly delicious; so good that if I ordered it at my favorite deli for lunch I would be happy. The Split Pea and Red Lentil were both very tasty, though I personally found them to be a bit heavy on the onions (but, I’m sensitive to onions, so this may not be your experience). I can see myself stocking up on the Potato Leek, it was that delicious; I’m going to buy some as soon as I post this review! I love that the soups are gluten free and vegan (and they also seem to be dairy free, another win for me). The soups that I tried were just 140-210 calories per bowl of soup, which for me makes it a healthy, filling way to get from lunch to dinner!

The soups were shipped overnight in an insulated package and were still cold when they arrived and I immediately put them in the refrigerator to start trying the next day. I do wish they had heating directions on the package; it simply said “enjoy chilled or hot” and I like mine hot so I microwaved them for two minutes and they were just right. These soups may seem a bit pricey at $8/serving but they seem to always have a coupon, there are four below that you can try now if you would like to order some soup!

  • Use GWP Addict exclusive coupon code GWPJULIE25 to get 25% off any purchase through February 10
  • Spend $50 and get six free boosters or three free soups with code JANFREE16 through February 4
  • Purchase any 1 Day Cleanse for $49 and get free shipping and two free soups with code 1DAYFREESOUP49 through February 5
  • Get 20% off all soups with code SOUP20OFF through February 7
  • Update: As a couple of helpful readers have pointed out, shipping is quite expensive! I had no idea! That makes the 1 Day Cleanse with free shipping and two free soups code above the best deal right now

Jus by Julie soup varieties

Note: This product was provided to me free for review but all opinions are mine. This post contains affiliate links.

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Jus by Julie Soup

    1. Woof. I had no idea shipping was so expensive (I should have checked, sorry!). I guess that makes the one coupon for free soup and free shipping with a 1 day cleanse the best best?

  1. I was excited to see this soup review (a little off-topic, yes, but most welcome) and couldn’t wait to check out the Potato Leek. I almost fell off my chair at the shipping charges, though. I would have given this a try but, even with the generous coupon, the shipping charge is three times the cost of the product. I hope the company does well–very, very well–but I’ll have to seek something closer to home, I think. Thanks for the heads-up on this company, though!

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