13 thoughts on “Posting will resume next week!

  1. Enjoy your break! I have to say, I’ve become somewhat addicted to GWP Addict, but we all need a break now and then. (And I haven’t even found places to store all the great deals I bought before Christmas, so I should take a break from shopping, too!)

  2. All the best to you for the New Y
    ear 🙂 I’ve been using your site for about 5 years now, and couldn’t live without it. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve been obsessively checking for a new post every day (well…more than once a day). Have a wonderful vacation and I’ll look forward to reading all about the great deals next week.

    1. Oh I’m sooo sorry! Every day I look at the laptop and think, I should work! And then I said, but I don’t want to! And since it’s so slow I decided to take a break, sorry I didn’t tell you guys sooner!

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