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So saw the doctor yesterday and in fact do not have tendinitis I have epicondylitis (AKA Tablet Elbow), which is apparently worse. I have to get something called a nerve conduction test from a neurologist. (Me: “Sounds expensive”;  Doctor: “Nope, not expensive, but it is painful!” Sigh.) Still in a lot of pain hence the short and infrequent posts, sorry guys. I’m going to start looking into a speech to text option, but for now I will do my best to keep you guys informed of major new fun stuff. Oh, and don’t let this happen to you! This happened to me because I like to read in bed at night with my Kindle Fire HD, which is apparently too heavy for my tiny T-Rex arms to support while laying on my back. I just bought one of these, if I had purchased one months ago I don’t think I would be in this boat now.

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  1. toporol is not the name 🙁 I just realized that that is probably a blood pressure med (or beta blocker) – I can’t find the name of the cream, but studies show it’s supposed to help – I have it at home – got it free at walgreen’s last year

    arnica is supposed to help

  2. ok, back again – some good info

    Maybe something with more of a joint relief formula would be good>? Have you heard of Bio-5-Lox? Also, fish oil…shea butter supplements (yes, internally taken), these can really be amazingly good!

    Also, I think a cream you put on the skin called Toporol is supposed to help joints…

    sorry if I haven’t helped! lol, I wish I were less tired! purityproducts . com has some good ones (one has helped my father’s knees, they’re anti-inflammatories)….should be some gwp ones, somewhere, lol

    I take this when I remember, I think it helps!

    also, krill oil…vitamin d…

  3. reading the comments, I do remember I didn’t like it 🙁 but of all my tests in life (and this was on my feet – I do think I’ve had it for wrists / hands too) this wasn’t too bad, but gave good info

    I have neuropathy in feet and hands – B vitamins can be good for that, so can the ALA…I forgot about that

    we’re probably always happy to ”talk” to the person who gives us this fun great info!

    I don’t always get the gifts, as I might have years ago – jumped at each one – because I know you’ll have for us in the future 🙂

    If you google ”supplements neuropathy” or with your disease, some things might help – you might also try acupuncture??? even if you don’t have neuropathy, the supplements for that deal with nerve pain

    My insurance did cover the test –

    I would stay away from pain killers, unless you’re in a lot of pain – and also, some anti-depressants for these problems can cause weight gain 🙁

  4. I had a Nerve conduction test on my feet – painful at times, but really, gives good info

    I had nerves trapped – do you take B vitamins? physical or occupation therapy? stretches for hands, better keyboards ? ice?

  5. The test is not that bad at all! I just had to have it done last month due to a Botched Phlebotomy…Nerve Damage. Thanks for all you do…I have appreciated these posts and updates… Take care and Breathe deep : )

    1. Oh yikes botched phlebotomy, I’m so sorry, that sounds painful! I hope you are recovering. I’m so glad you like the site, I hope to be back to full posting strength soon!

  6. Sorry about your potentially painful test and hope that it turns out to be not so serious. I read your great site religiously and look forward to your speedy recovery. You save me so much time since I used to do all the searching myself, as I’m obsessed with free gifts🎁!

    1. Well a few people have written and told me its not that bad and I’m very glad to hear that, I was kind of dreading it! (Well, still dreading it, but not so much now.) I’m so glad you like the site you guys are all so nice to write to me with your kind words!!

  7. Hang in there, tiny arms, ha ha—that’s why we librarians like traditional books (paperbacks)! Seriously, check w/docs about stretching and exercises from qualified physical therapists–it can help a lot! I have bad shoulders from carrying heavy bags.
    We appreciate you. EG

    1. I love my paperbacks too but I have become addicted to reading in bed at night with the kindle so my hubby can sleep! 🙂 I am hoping for PT and not surgery (she doesn’t think its that bad but she did mention it as a possiblity) but I guess I have to get this out of the way first.

      I’m so glad you like the site!

  8. I’m so sorry you are in pain! Thank you for the reminder, I’m guilty of holding my ipad like this all the time. Need to get on of those pillows! Thank you for the time you devote to this blog. I’m always excited to see you in my inbox. You’ve saved me money and found me some great deals. Speedy recovery to you and take all the time you need! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like the site! Yes get a pillow if you read in bed, it would have saved me so much pain (and money from dr bills!) if I had gotten once much sooner!

  9. I have had the nerve conduction test and it is a bit painful but does not take too long. The test does make you test area jump…kind of sends a mild electrical current through the affected area and they can measure how much it does or does not conduct. It will definitely tell the doctor how much and what nerve(s) have been affected and will help them find the correct PT for you.

    I also had a specialist recommend taking Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg twice a day to help with nerve pain. It really helped me get off Lyrica which has some nasty side effects and I continue to take the ALA whenever I really over do it and aggravate the injury again.



    Barb Vostmyer

    1. Oh thank you! I am a bit nervous about the test but happy to hear its not as bad as I was imagining. I will definitely check out the ALA especially since the naproxen they originally gave me made me quite dizzy!

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