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Barney’s Love Yourself Beauty Event Starts Tomorrow

Updated: I will not be able to post tomorrow but I know the Barney’s Love Yourself Beauty Event starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday (September 20-22). During this event spend $200 on beauty and you will receive what is reportedly a fantastic goody bag filled with deluxe samples. For a great preview and more details see the very helpful Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog.

Also the Bergdorf Goodman Rewarding Beauty Event starts Thursday:

  • Spend $125 on beauty and get free shipping with code BTYSHIP
  • Spend $500 on beauty and get $75 off or spend $1,000 on beauty and get $200 off with code REWARDBT
  • There are lots of gifts with purchase available during this event which ends Sunday September 23

Macy’s is running another Beauty Scene beauty event, there are lots of deluxe sample offers available plus a very nice bonus with any $75 Clarins purchase. See site for details (sorry I am so short on time today).

8 thoughts on “Barney’s Love Yourself Beauty Event Starts Tomorrow

  1. Hi! I wanted to give you heads up – all you GWP addicts like myself – that I just spoke with the Customer Service over at Barneys and they said that in order to get the “Love Yourself Beauty Event” bag you need to basically purchase products only from make-up and/or fragrances category! That’s not cool! :((

    1. I just tested this on the Barney’s site and the goody bag was added to my cart with a skincare purchase, so online at least it should work, I don’t know about in store though.

    2. I don’t think that’s accurate. Skin care totally counts. I was in the san francisco store today and I bought skin care and got the gwp. I don’t know about other stores, but in sf, even diptique candles count because they’re considered fragrance.

    3. I stand corrected! It works on everything now!!!, but yesterday in the very early morning it did not…that is why I called the Customer Service to double check.
      I apologize for the confusion I could have created. Sorry!

      1. My pleasure!! I try to demystify the Barneys Bag Event each time they have one because so many people don’t live anywhere near a Barneys, and therefore need as much information as possible. My readers actually start reminding me to get them information well in advance of the events!! 🙂

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