7 thoughts on “15 November, 2010 15:42

  1. I’m so sorry that both you and your computer have bugs!
    I hope you feel better r4eally soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care, Lori

  2. i hope you feel better soon- also I wanted to let you know that we all appreciate the work you put into this site 😉 i learned of so many deals through you thanks so much

  3. Hope youre feeling better and sorry that your comp died on ya.. Try getting a new HP computer or go to Sam’s Club and look for one there… You deserve a new one.. love this GWP Addict site..
    Again hope youre feeling better and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    Your Fan,

  4. This is so awful! Sorry. Can we do something for you, like collect for a new computer?
    Get a mac, they are a wonderful addition to everyone’s life. [typed into a macbook]

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