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Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase

I know I already posted today but didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to share this. Right now you can build your own gift, worth over $125, with any $39.50 purchase on the Estee Lauder web site. (Yes, for those of you wondering, this gift is virtually identical to the current bonus running at Nordstrom, but allows for more personalization; plus read below for a coupon for extra freebies). You can choose from these options:

Skincare (choose one):

  • Prevention: Advanced Night Repair Eye (7 day supply) and DayWear Plus Creme SPF 15 (14 day supply)
  • Even Skintone: Hydra Complete Eye (7 day supply) and HydraBright Creme (14 day supply)
  • Anti-Wrinkle: New Time Zone Eye (7 day supply) and Time Zone Creme SPF 15 (14 day supply)
  • Lifting/Firming: Resilience Lift Extreme Eye (7 day supply) and Resilience Lift Extreme SPF 15 (14 day supply)

Palette (choose one):

  • Warm includes Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in shade Ripe Papaya and an Eye and Lip Palette with these shades: Eight eyeshadows in Honey Drop, Cinnamon, Tea Biscuit, Mink, and Truffle Quad, and three Pure Color Lipsticks in Tiger Eye, Melon, and Nectarine
  • Cool includes Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in shade Ripe Papaya and an Eye and Lip Palette with these shades: Ivory Box, Sand Box, Pale Moon, Smokey, and Smoky Pink Quad, and three Pure Color Lipsticks in Pink Parfait, Bois de Rose, and Rose Tea

Estee Lauder GWP

Every gift also includes a 14 day supply of New Advanced Night Repair, a 10 day supply of Projectionist Mascara, and a patent trim cosmetic bag. Shipping is free if you spend over $50 and right now you can still choose three samples at checkout (but that may drop to two or zero samples tomorrow).

Update: This coupon has sold out, its no longer valid. If you are spending $50 you can also add coupon code TURBOSURVEY09 to get an additional free three items: Brow shaping pencil (full size), a deluxe eyeshadow palette with seven cool shades, and a 10 day supply of Lash Primer Plus. 11/3 update: You can now choose two samples at checkout, not three.

7 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase

  1. I just tried to use turbosurvey09 at and it didn’t work. I telephoned them and they said it had been discontinued. boo-hoo, I loved the blue and lavender eyeshadow colors, most of the gwp eyeshadows are neutrals and browns. Wouldn’t it be great to see some greens out there too?

  2. I’m glad I got this EL GWP at Nordstrom, since I refuse to shop at estee lauder dot com anymore. They sent me SO much spam, even when I opted out and sent them e-mails begging them to stop. Finally, I had to send a certified letter to their legal dept insisting that they stop it and, at long last, they did.

    BTW, blocking the e-mail addy didn’t work.

    1. Wow, that awful, I’m sorry you had to go to such extreme measures to get them to stop bugging you! I’ve never had a problem with them, its Murad I’m angry at right now, grrr. I love their products but am extremely leery of ordering from their site again, I think I’ll stick with Sephora or elsewhere for their products. Their customer service was NOT helpful.

  3. oops, sorry, i see you have the macys info below

    thanks for the EL info! good stuff! they’re giving the store away!

    1. I know lots of freebies! But it did drop to two samples today, hope several people were able to get in yesterday while it was still 3. Today there is new Clinique GWP at Nordstrom and Lancome at Lord and Taylor, I’m writing my post right now!

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